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Depth In Maritime Law

Life at sea is not all fun and adventure. It’s also contracts and disputes and mishaps and other developments that take the wind out of your sails. These complex issues are governed by a set of unique and arcane laws that few lawyers know how to navigate.

Seattle attorney Shane Carew is widely recognized as an authority on maritime and admiralty law. He counsels vessel owners, shippers, commercial fishermen, marinas, shipyards, salvors, captains, crew and many others who need legal advocacy in this niche area of the law.

The Full Range Of Maritime And Admiralty Law

Based in Seattle, the Carew Law Office serves individuals and entities in Washington state, Alaska and throughout the United States. We have handled nearly every scenario relating to shipping and sailing:

Collisions/allisions – We represent various parties in claims and disputes arising from maritime collisions. This includes not only ship-to-ship collisions but also vessels colliding with floating, submerged or semi-submerged objects, or “allision” with fixed shore-based structures such as docks and bridges. For example, Shane has represented a fishing vessel whose nets snagged on equipment dumped by a tug company and a utility whose submarine cables were damaged by dragging anchors.

Seaman personal injury and wrongful death – We pursue Jones Act lawsuits on behalf of captains and crew members injured while working on vessels and wrongful death suits on behalf of sailors’ grieving families. See our page on seaman injury claims and the Jones Act.

Yachts – We represent owners and other parties in relation to yacht collisions, yacht fires, yacht-related injuries, collection actions and disputes over yacht repairs, products liability claims for yacht defects, and enforcement or defense of yacht foreclosure/seizure.

Marinas – We represent marinas and vessel owners in legal disputes, including the collection of moorage charges, defense against unwarranted seizure for excessive moorage fees, claims against marinas for fire damage to boats, premises liability claims against marinas, and removal of derelict vessels.

Shipyard and repair disputes – We represent shipyards in collection actions and defense against claims of negligence or nonperformance. Conversely, we represent vessel owners in defense against excessive repair bills and in prosecuting claims of nonperformance and negligence against repairers and shipyards.

Vessel arrest – We defend owners facing seizure of their vessel by the United States Marshals Service for foreclosure of preferred ship mortgages, nonpayment of repairs, nonpayment of fishing supplies, nonpayment of crew wages or personal injury/wrongful death of crew. Our advocacy includes negotiating to post alternative security in lieu of arrest of the vessel.

Sinking – We represent vessel owners in marine insurance claims for sinking. We also represent crew in damage claims for injury or property loss from sinking.

Salvage claims – We bring salvage claims in federal court on behalf of salvors seeking a monetary award for saving another ship and/or crew from peril.

Coast Guard license/document defense – We represent holders of United States Coast Guard licenses (captain’s license and other Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMCs)) and holders of USCG certificates of documentation (vessel owners) in administrative and disciplinary proceedings.

Seaman wage claims – We represent officers and crew in collecting unpaid wages and seeking punitive and statutory damages when applicable. We also defend employers against unwarranted wage claims.

Decades Of Focused Experience In Maritime Matters

Shane Carew has practiced law for 40 years and made a career in admiralty/maritime law. He has litigated these matters in state and federal courts, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. His trial and appellate successes have been favorably cited in 42 other reported cases, putting his own mark on the body of maritime law.

In addition to his knowledge and skill, Shane Carew is complimented by clients and his legal peers for his professional integrity and attentive service. For any maritime-related matter, make that “ship-to-shore call” to the Carew Law Office. Arrange a consultation at 206-536-3043 or contact us by email.