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Four Decades Of Excellence

In practice since 1980, Shane Carew has built a reputation as a sharp litigator, an authority on maritime law and a consummate professional. His wide background in civil litigation and appeals, coupled with a strong, client-centered work ethic, makes him an effective advocate in any venue.

His 40 years of experience as an attorney has provided him with the opportunity to successfully represent clients in state trial court and federal appellate court. Legal malpractice cases can be challenging to win, but because of his years of experience as an appellate attorney, attorney Carew has the skills to present your case in a very specific way that will preserve your right to appeal.

Our Firm Is Here For You

The Carew Law Office is located in Seattle, serving individuals and commercial clients in Washington state and Alaska. Our practice is limited to matters of admiralty/maritime law and plaintiff representation in lawsuits for legal malpractice. Shane Carew enjoys problem-solving and litigating in these niche areas of law where few attorneys dare to venture.

Navigating Maritime Disputes

Shane Carew has practiced in maritime and admiralty law for the better part of 40 years. He has litigated in state and federal courts of Washington and Alaska, and he is admitted to the Makah Tribal Court Bar in Neah Bay, Washington. Shane also has a strong track record in appeals, including cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. His trial and appellate advocacy have been favorably cited in 42 other reported cases. Shane has also passed on his wisdom to other maritime attorneys through continuing legal education (CLE) classes.

He handles the full gamut of maritime litigation, including vessel collisions, seaman injury and death claims, seaman wage claims, yacht and marina disputes, vessel arrest, sinking and salvage, shipyard repairs and defense of Coast Guard license holders. With Shane and his staff working on your case, you are always on solid ground.

Holding Negligent Attorneys Accountable

In a legal malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that their previous attorney was negligent and that the attorney’s incompetence or misconduct caused them to lose their court case. Shane Carew is a battle-tested trial lawyer who understands the legal procedure in many venues (civil and criminal courts in state, federal and tribal jurisdictions). He is well-qualified to name the wrongdoing and hold that attorney responsible for monetary damages. If you believe your previous attorney mishandled your original case in a Washington court, we can determine if you have viable grounds to sue.

He Runs A Tight Ship

When you help people sue other lawyers for professional negligence, you better hold yourself to a high standard. In testimonials, Shane Carew’s clients consistently mention his honest and ethical approach. They use terms like “candid,” “competent” and “diligent.” At the Carew Law Office, you can expect sage and practical advice rather than platitudes and promises. You can expect responsive communication and timely updates on the progress of your case. You can expect the legal bill to reflect actual services rendered.

Why we charge for the initial consultation
The areas of law we cover are complex. We have to dig into your matter before we can advise on a course of action, which means time and expense on our end. Thus, we do not offer a free consultation. If you do retain our services, we are confident you will recoup the value of that front-end fee. Sometimes the most valuable legal advice turns out to be “You don’t have a case.” We will never encourage you to throw good money after bad by pursuing fruitless legal action.

Let’s Get Underway

Shane Carew’s depth of experience and personal investment in his client’s cases consistently lead to favorable results. Call our Seattle office today at 206-536-3043 to schedule a consultation or use our online contact form so that we will respond soon.